My photographic philosophy is rooted in my own camera shyness.  Since I was a small child, I always ducked from cameras--everyone in my family did.  As soon as I heard something like, "Smile for the camera," or "Say cheese!" I would immediately hide myself by any means possible.  I think I innately knew that I just looked goofy if I tried posing for the camera, it just felt awkward and unnatural.  For those who are lucky enough to have that perfect picture smile, I congratulate you.  For the rest of us, sometimes it takes a little time to open up and show who we really are to a camera. 

I prefer to photograph in a less formal setting where children, families, couples, and individuals feel more relaxed and are hopefully able to be themselves.  In the course of a photo shoot, I take just as many, if not more, candid shots than posed and find that more often than not, it is these shots that really show the side of people we are most comfortable with.  When photographing children, I find that if you really want to capture their personality, it's best to photograph them in an environment in which they feel comfortable.  Whether it be their playroom with their toys, or their favorite park, I come to them*.

I am available to photograph individuals, couples, families, and special events such as weddings or parties.  If you are interested in scheduling a photo session, please contact me via email at for available times and detailed price quotes.

Kids Photo Session
Starting at $42.50

Family Photo Session
Starting at $75.00

Engagements & Bridals
Starting at $100

Wedding Photography
Starting at $400

These are the starting prices for common photo sessions.  I don't have photo packages because I believe you should be able to choose what you do or do not want to pay for--so you get to select your own "package" items.  If you would like to talk about photo options and prices for a specific event, please contact me and I will give you a quote for your event.

*All price quotes are for travel within Utah County.  Price adjustment may be necessary if scheduling a photo session elsewhere.

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